Why do we call “American coffee”? No.2

Moulin Rouge is under preparation for the very first opening after the liberation of Paris in the evening.

Francis Salabert, new director of music is managing the preparation with his staffs, after small argument with her.

Well, she is extremely nervous today… I hope she’ll be OK soon.. Anyway, we have to make it tonight, as celebration of the liberation we have wished for 4 years…. such a long time. We definitely make it success for our friends in the sky, too….

Francis, who got to be 60 years old in just last month, has built his career in music industry for a long time and decided to make effort for this big day of Moulin Rouge, which has been one of the most important clubs in Paris since 1889. It was kept open during the war and even occupation by Germany, so it has literally been ‘special place’ for Paris citizens, and of course for Francis. That’s why he do not accept any mistake for today’s gig, it should be iconic event showing that we finally got recovered this beautiful city, representing our deep appreciation to the Allied Forces and ourselves. I feel much pressure, but it’s worth working for it. Well, I definitely need her help to make it…. hmm.

Anyway, let’s prepare well. Guys, how about the lightings? OK? Good, then let’s start rehearsal, Can someone call our princess?


Grrrr I can’t stand it! I hate that guy! He thinks he is right only because he is older than I…. I need wine!… hm, but it’s not good idea to drink before the stage.. no way, I’ll go for coffee…

Edith Piaf, had an argument with Francis about the order of songs, and jumped out from the dressing room. He is respectable gran music producer, and she knows he takes today’s stage quite important, as she does, and she wishes to celebrate everything which has lead the liberation, but she has another viewpoint from her experience of singing in front of German soldiers, therefore she does want to sing that special song in the end of the concert. That’s true, that we really suffered from the occupation, and we are really happy now, but…

The cafe-restaurant is by Moulin Rouge and a secret door for musicians and dancers is between them. OK, anyway, I have to calm down, a cup of coffee. Piaf opens the door to ‘Café CYLANO’.

*To be continued…*

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