Strange feeling, or acrossing the border

The owner of Café Fika (in Shizuoka city) mentioned that the strong flavor of good espresso can be “strange feeling” (or unconfortable feeling). I liked it not only because I shared the same feeling (signifié) with different expression (signifiant) like “irritating smell,sticking in the bottom of the tongue”, but also he showed a sophisticated way of drifting the signifié of usual word. A poetic language should be like this, I think.

These 3-4 years I’ve been quite sensitively feeling 2 types of “strange feeling”, especially after quiting job at a company and started working as self-employed, which I can control what to do and who to meet  — one is in literal meaning, another is in “espresso” meaning as above. Sometimes I avoid it, or jump into it, depending on the content or context, so I have been knitting my life with destiny as vertical string and free will as horizontal. Sometimes I mistake and skip the line, but kept knitting it as my “strange feeling” allows.

There are several types of strange feeling. Meeting a guy.. yeah he is good person and has talent talking, but … strange feeling. Hey, do you run web shop? Then sell this with this manner, you’ll get money! Hmm… strange feeling. Even I should admit some of that feeling come from my tiny pride, but sometimes, heavy “strange feeling” (definitely positive one) hits my heart, like the crazy spanish guy with whom I suppose to work together in 2012, and other cool guys who are kind of trigger for me to concentrate on my current job.

Today, I did not meet a person, but a phrase.




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