Rocking chair “Hodaka” by Hida Sangyo(*19)

Here is Today’s chair – Rocking chair from “Hodaka” series, made by Hida Sangyo, Japanese famous maker.

“Hodaka” series is continuing since 1969, keeping its original design for almost a half century. Classic of the classics. Well, honestly speaking, I do not like such a classic design (I may say “Showa-flavoured”!) , but I should admit they are geniously paranoiac keeping their style. It is indeed great that they keep selling without major change.


Anyway I got a Rocking chair from Hodaka series. Let me check how good it is!

Classic windsor design. All made of oak wood. Sophisticated work by skilled craftsmen.

Armrest. The round part fits exactly in your palm.

Wide backrest is reliable enough to lie your head down.


I find a Rocking chair is 100% for rest and relax. You may be able to work with your MacBook but it’s not stable…

It deserves more for contemplation by sunny window(!), or reading Edgar Allan Poe by fireplace(!), well, such a petit bourgeois situation..:))

Hm, rocking chair.. oh there is an extraordinary one by STOKKE. Wanna try to ride, someday….


This post is also available in: Japanese

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