Pretzel Chair(*3)


Design:George Nelson (1908-1986)

Name:Pretzel Chair



Today’s chair is ‘Pretzel chair’ by maestro George Nelson. Japanese famous proverb say; the name demonstrates the figure (Names and natures do often agree.)  Anyway, Pretzel is a sort of bread originally from Germany, like this.


(As an aside, I think the best Pretzel is that of around Stuttgart. The narrow part is crispy and thick part is soft… so should be!)

Well, let’s come back to the chair. The most notable feature is the armrest merged with the backrest, made from one part of plywood. Obviously great design with maximum softness, but the production was ceased in some years due to lack of production technology at that time, 1952. Therefore the original ones are quite rare. (Vitra re-produced 1000 pieces in 2008, as 100 years anniversary of the designer)

But I personally worried about the durability of this chair, since the design is so sensitive…. Wanna see how they build the legs! ..and I found the picture from the bottom! (not the original one, but the reproduced one by Vitra)


Hm, oh simply with screws… :)

The explanation of Pretzel chair by Vitra is here.

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