`Interpreter of Maladies` by Jhumpa Lahiri

Got coupon of BOOK-OFF, a famous used book store in Japan, and found this fantastic book, lucky I am!

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Vespa recycle chair(*1)

Made by Bel&Bel, Barcelona… oh it’s close to Avda.Rambras! Great. I’ll bring some of them back to Japan when I visit Barcelona next time! (hopefully..)

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“Natasho” is waiting for you in Takamatsu

You may arrive at “Natasho” passing through huge shopping arcade in the center of Takamatsu city,

..if you are lucky.

natashoThe view you have there is like this.

I’ve never encountered such a seducing “field”, where something serious and decadent, ancient weep of prostitutes and pop & cute are cozily vital at the same time.

The entrance looks like normal house, but you should be careful enough, to find a tiny “open” written on a piece of 3cm square paper, from which you will feel lack of owner’s will of making money. You guess it is a kind of shop since it’s witten as “open”, but you cannot find any other hints from outside; what is the name of the shop? What kind of service do they offer? No hints.

I was sort of upset at the entrance, but had enough curiosity to get in, fortunately.

“Taking off the shoes at the entrance”, you go up, or almost climb up the steep and narrow steps. Now you are at the 2nd floor and look back, then you find a lady playing with her Mac in the corner of the room. Say hello to her, then she will turn around in surprise.

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Me toca mi corazón, or the reason why I love street music

Some years ago, when we were walking through the connection path between subway lines in Barcelona, there was an old guy playing classic guitar. We passed in front of him, and suddenly the music was changed and a well-known Japanese phrase chased us. Hm?? then I found it was “Sakura, sakura (cherry blossom)”, which made me turn around. When he found my eyes on him, he grinned.

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