Me toca mi corazón, or the reason why I love street music

Some years ago, when we were walking through the connection path between subway lines in Barcelona, there was an old guy playing classic guitar. We passed in front of him, and suddenly the music was changed and a well-known Japanese phrase chased us. Hm?? then I found it was “Sakura, sakura (cherry blossom)”, which made me turn around. When he found my eyes on him, he grinned.


I was kind of moved by this case. He saw me and thought I am Japanese. Then he threw a “code” to me, which a Japanese should react. It chased and captured me as a smell of roasted fish on me (I missed Japanese food so much at that time!) The code made me turn around, come back and talk to him. His instant smile was because of the success of his temptation – quite intellectual temptation – and because I understood it correctly.


I think it is one of the best pleasures of playing guitar on the street. “Touching my heartstring” is said “me toca mi corazón” in Spanish. Maybe I keep playing music to hear again that phrase from someone, like an Mexican guy said hitting his chest with the fist, when I sang Mexican songs in Germany.


I´m really interested in music as code of temptation, or tool of pure communication (not monologue, but dialogue).

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