Lockheed Lounge and the Blue Hearts(*20)


Designer: Marc Newson

Name; Lockheed Lounge

Material; Aluminium, FRP


Silver body is breaking the wind

Mysterious inicial is someone’s name (from The Blue Hearts “1985”)

When I saw this chair for the first time, it reminded me the song above by the Blue Hearts(note: it is kind of protest song against atomic bombs. 1st part describes about silver airplane, which implies B29) , and it was somewhat right: because this Lockheed Lounge was designed in 1986. Marc Newson made it just after graduating the Sydney College of Arts and it pushed him up to be famous.


Coincidences goes on. Marc Newson now lives in London, working as product designer including Qantas airplane’s seat design.


Another one. After producing Lockheed Lounge he moved to Tokyo and stayed there until 1991, when he moved to Paris.  On the other hand, the Blue Hearts got major contract in 1987, and they were quite active until early 1990s. It may not be impossible to imagine that young Marc went to the Blue Hearts’ gig and learned head-banging. Wow it makes me kind of illusion…


OK, coming back to the chair a bit, it is made of aluminium plates spiked on FRP body, maybe not so confortable, but got great fame with pricing of 1.1 million pounds in an auction in 2009.


In summary, Mr. Marc Newson got inspiration from the song “1985” by the Blue Hearts, and designed Lockheed Lounge just after graduating the college. After that he moved to Tokyo to be big fan of the punk-rock band. The Blue Hearts also issued a departure song “Too Much Pain” after Marc’s moving to Paris. Hm, it’s maybe close to the reality, even the bomber B29 is made by Boeing, not by Lockheed….



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