Japan’s flag-ship 4 companies and their products rule the world

As many of you may know, Japan, a tiny far-east country, has survived harsh global market producing/exporting strong mobile-suit (MS) and powered suit. Let me introduce top 4 companies and their products.


1.Sagawa Electric corp.

“Powered Jacket MK3” is a prototype of powered suit made by Dr.Kizuyanagi. It is the base model of  Landmate and that of Johannesburg.

Price: 12 million JPY. Most of Japanese salary men commute by this.

2.Hajime Laboratory Ltd. 

In Eastern Osaka there are many small high-tech companies until they have launched military sattellite  They are already a sort of secret society than group of companies.

Hajime Laboratory is famos for supplying bottom part of well-known white mobile suit.

3.Sakakibara Machinery

Sakakibara Machinery is a company with history of producing products for the empire where the “black-masked commander” is. Their flag-ship model is “Land Walker”.

250cc combustion engine, walking with sliding feet. The price is 37 million JPY, a bit expensive because of ready-for-battle equipment. Japanese citizen is obliged to have one for a family.

Another model “Kidswalker” is optimized for kids’ fight (therefore no gun is equipped). It was provided for bullied children for free according to legal reform in 2012, the problem of bullying at school has drastically improved.

Yanagisawa machinery also produces box-style powered suit.

4.Suidoubashi Heavy Industry

But the top of all mobile suit market must be Suidoubashi Heavy Industry. Famous Dr. Suidoubashi developed the strongest machine on the ground: KURATAS.

Don’t you understand how to make it move? Here is the instruction.

KURATAS also has effective weapons: “LOHAS launcher” is of pet-bottle bullet, and trigger of Gatling gun is “smile” of the pilot. You smile and slaughter.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please check their website  where you can find all kinds of options and colors.

21 century is such a crazy world, you can buy such a crazy machine for only 0.1 billion JPY or something…

Let’s share it 10 ppl paying 10 million JPY each, how about this idea?


Anyway, seriously, I do love this sort of paranoiac aspect of Japanese people….

This post is also available in: Japanese Spanish

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