How can we overcome Mobocracy?

Yeah I know it’s kind of serious one. It’s fine, it’s still 4 o’clock in the morning!

Some days ago we Japanese folks had an election of the House of Representatives. It was told that the electors are quite interested in (or concerned about) this, but finally, the voting late was the lowest ever. The Liberal Democratic party (claiming inflation-targeting strategy and “strengthen the nation with public investment”) got triumph….

Well I know I’m not a person who can talk about politics for 5 minutes. What I would like to point out today is that I may “found” a reason that I have been sort of worried, since I got voting right 10+ years ago.

Nobuo Ikeda, a Japanese economist / blogger  mentioned about a quite interesting viewpoint: The more people are interested in politics, the more the politicians ingratiate theirselves with the public, so the government is popularized, which is the beginning of mobocracy. Hm,  it’s kind of resistance dealing…

(It seems the condition is similar to a sect of buddhism: a strict one is to be transformed like “Hard practice? No no!” “Drinking alcohol? No worry!” “Getting married? Sure!” *Shin-Buddhism (Pure Land Buddhism) beginning in 12-13 century. )

But why it happens. One of the reasons is that the politics is too complicated and mysterious to understand by 5-minutes googling (but general public never have time to investigate it deeply! ) . And another reason – I bet it is today’s key point – is LACK OF LEADERSHIP.

Remember 2009, when the Democratic party got the dominance flirting “All highway, for free!” or “Reduce drastically the cost of government!” and finally that did not work well. Soon people started moaning “Democratic party cheated us!!”. This attitude clearly shows the lack of leadership, I mean, they are not an elector, but a consumer. “I pay for you, so give me right goods, otherwise I’ll cancel the order!” If the scene is a commercial deal, it is absolutely correct, but can we consider the politics as the same as buying something? Is a voting right like a coupon or lottery ticket?

(Oh I intended to make it short but it’s getting longer.. sorry.. )

No. In my opinion, a voting right should be like “a staff ID card” of huge conglomerate JAPAN.

This company is so generous that you will never be unemployed even you do not work at all. But if you want to make good job, and make the company itself better, you have to move your ass and work. Choosing your boss and the president is never enough. In business scene, anyone is required to have leadership for any tasks. Why not in politics scene?

If you want something, you should offer something. You should show your leadership.

Having interest in politics is not bad. But claiming without responsibility is not cool. Let’s show our leadership. Let’s start making better what we can touch.

P.S.  Someone would tell me “So what is your leadership??” Hm, well, I’m sort of embarrassed I have no clear answer yet…. but there are some hints, like this TED speech by Mr. Dave Meslin.

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