Copy & Paste chair(*16)

What happens if a chair is made from “Copy and Paste”??

..that’s the answer.

KMO_stol 001

Design:Sigurdur Gustafsson(profile

Name:Copy & Paste chair

Literally it’s made “copying & pasting”. Fragment of red, black, white and oak chairs are jointed by acrylic plate. Nice!

It is produced only 100 pieces.

Mr. Gustafsson, from Iceland, also designs other chairs which is more for actual use than above one:), as the chair below.


Name; Origami chair

Body is made of birch wood, can be stacked. The name “Origami”, a Japanese word, means “art of folding paper”.


Oh, that’s true that Tendo Mokko, a Japanese furniture maker also had a chair called “ORIZURU”(=crane by Origami art)


This complex shape is NOT made of FRP nor resin, but plywood. What a terrible technology they have!


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