“Children on Their Birthdays”

Updated on March 2015; this activity is on hold so far… I keep seeking another posibilities like this…

Long story in short, this project is like this: I sing a birthday song to your birthday. Well, “project” may sound a bit exaggerated.. :)

Currently I keep sending birthday movie to people connected to my Facebook account. I have ca 440 contacts (as of March 2013), so I sing that birthday song 1 – 2 times a day in average. Shogo, you’d better to work…

Well, then, I was about to quit this habit because of increasing contacts and –typical boring reason– there are much more things to do at work, but I shifted to another extreme thanks to a delightful surprise. I aim a Guinness World Records :))

1.I put serial No. to my videos, so that I can count up it.

2. If you happen to think “hey I also wanna get birthday song to me!”, sure! Please give me a FB friend request.

3. If you happen to think “hey I wanna give your singing video to my friend as surprise gift!”, no problem. Please message me.

It would be funny if it ends up that I sing 20 times a day on average, well, let’s see.

By the way, “Children on Their Birthdays” is a short story by Truman Garcia Capote. (I read that with the translation by Haruki Murakami). I love the story…

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