Between “Kafka on the shore” and “Udon”


Udon – it is simple noodle made only with flour, water and salt. Kagawa prefecture is known as Udon prefecture. Here people talk about newly opening Udon stand in the city, debate and critic about the elasticity of the noodle, taste of soup, as it is, whole philosophy about Udon.

Udon, this “white thing” came out from the mouth of dead Nakata, bacause Hoshino opened the gate (=made 3 huge bridges between Shikoku and Honshu island).

Anyway, Hoshino finally cut the “white thing” and closed the gate…. this means that the Udon invasion to Honshu island was prevented.

Udon, is not only a food. It is the vivid curse haunting in Shikoku island, based on Kagawa prefecture. Even Kukai (famous monk in 8-9 century) struggled to close the gate and delate the curse, it is still there, seducing innocent people and travelers.

Udon… what a tasty curse…

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