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Hi there, I am Shogo(or Shoguito), the owner of GALAN crafts. (here is my Facebook account in case you need the detail) In short, GALAN crafts is an internet shop where you can purchase fine crafts and goods made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. I select the products very carefully to assure the quality. Another thing I would like to try writing this blog is to explain what is "something Japanese", or even re-discovering it, since there are still plenty of things I do not know about Japan. Here is another message from us. I hope you enjoy reading it! Regards, Shogo

Way to the Hanami party at Osaka castle park

For people who visit Osaka castle park for the first time!

Here is the map & tips to find our place.


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Concept of individual and society – German and Japanese

German and Japanese

Firstly, let me excuse that I want to “promote” the Japanese indulged(*1) culture, basically.

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The shortest way from Kintetsu Nara station to cafe WAKAKUSA

Since some travelers are worried about finding the way, I tried to explain the way to cafe WAKAKUSA.

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Rocking chair “Hodaka” by Hida Sangyo(*19)

Here is Today’s chair – Rocking chair from “Hodaka” series, made by Hida Sangyo, Japanese famous maker.

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Lockheed Lounge and the Blue Hearts(*20)


Designer: Marc Newson

Name; Lockheed Lounge

Material; Aluminium, FRP

Silver body is breaking the wind

Mysterious inicial is someone’s name (from The Blue Hearts “1985”)

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Latte art magicians’ hideout “cafe one” Motoyama/Nagoya

My idea is to find coffee shops where “I can enjoy decent espresso”, as many of you may know that it IS sometimes quite difficult to find it traveling in Japan. Hope it helps when you get withdrawal symptoms…..

Well, here is Cafe One in Motoyama/Nagoya city.
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Cool Espresso Bar “Presto Coffee” /Nagoya

2nd cafe I visited during Nagoya “business trip”!

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Again, about life without regret.

A mutual friend of your dad and mammy passed away on Monday.

He came back home in the midnight, he was drunk and (it seems) he stumbled at the entrance, and lost his conscious.

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Japan’s flag-ship 4 companies and their products rule the world

As many of you may know, Japan, a tiny far-east country, has survived harsh global market producing/exporting strong mobile-suit (MS) and powered suit. Let me introduce top 4 companies and their products.

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Brief overview about Kiseru – Japanese smoking pipes

Here is a summary about Kiseru, Japanese traditional smoking pipes.