A cruel program “Panda Show Radio”

That’s great that I can listen to Mexican radiothanks to our internet technology, even I’m in the countryside of Japan!!

Yes, Panda Show Radio. This crazy program starts when I start working, due to time lag between Japan and Mexico.

Panda Show Radio

(Be careful, sound may come out!)

Panda Show is kind of ‘surprise trap’, that a friend of girlfriend calls, lays a snare, and when the conversation gets mad, they disclose “yeah it’s Panda Show!”

But I cannot simply laugh listening to it, because the joke is tooo cruel… there are some cases that a girlfriend(wife) calls to her partner saying that she is pregnant for other guy…. Poor her husband, he is crying… I do not laugh but relieved when he smiles after the ‘disclosure’

The targets sometimes get seriously angry for the joke. The host DJ Antonio Zambrano is great that he manages such a quite sensitive communication.

But this article (in Spanish) says he gets blackmail of murder….. wow.

This program makes me think that the laughing point is different depending on the culture..

This post is also available in: Spanish

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