Where are the Japanese knives produced today?


Above 5 are major kitchen knife making places in Japan: Sakai, Sanjo, Tosa, Takefu and Seki.

  • Sakai (Osaka)Sakai rules Japan. About 90% of kitchen knives for professional cooks are supplied by Sakai.Sakai is considered as mecca of Japanese knives together with the success and tradition. Top-quality kitchen knife craftsman Sakai Kanechikais here.

  • Sanjo (Niigata) Famous for kitchen knives and woodworking tools such as chisels and planers.Since it snows very much in this region, tradition of hand made crafts in winter period growed(while there is no work in the field) .  The kitchen knife maker Tadafusa is based on Sanjo city. The neighbor, Tsubame city, is also famous for metal crafts such as Kiseru smoking pipe etc.

  •  Takefu (Fukui)Regional situation is similar to Sanjo (it snows very much here, too).  Takefu special steel corp, which supplies VG10 steel, is based here. Fukui pref. is also famous for Urushi lacquer ware.

  • Tosa Yamada (Kochi)The city is situated in mountainside of Kochi pref. and growed as professional fieldworking tool maker (such as ax or sickle. unique one is knife to cut whale.) Kuro-uchi (black skin coated) knifeis original from here.

  • Seki (Gifu)Seki is the biggest kitchen knife production place in Japan. Their fame as Samurai swordsmith started in 12 century. In Edo era, when the war ended and the country stayed in peace, Seki craftsmen shifted their production to kitchen knives and other metal tools.

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