Too Much Recycled Chair(*4)

Design:Barr & Knoll
Year: 1993 or 96. Perhaps 96
Material:Recycled from plastic package

Today’s chair is this… almost trash.. well it was trash in reality… recycled chair.

Yes, it is from Germany, one of the most eco-oriented countries. This trash-looking chair is made from recycled plastic package. It was priced ca 1700USD on a website, well, it’s expensive but not impossible to purchase…

I investigated who “Barr & Knoll” is, but couldn’t find it, sorry.


This website says ‘this work is historically important in relationship with Green Movement’. Hm? What is Green Movement? Well, Germany + “Green” = should be “die Grüne”, the Green Party.  <

What happened in 1994? The biggest issue was aerial bombing by NATO. There might be atmosphere like ‘hey what the hell is going on, let’s go more for Green!’ ….

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