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What’s this??

It’s “green caviar” if I translate directly from Japanese word: Sea grape. Specialty from Okinawa, crispy and taste good, even 95% of it is water and does not contain much nutrition! :))


Nice to see you! We are Galancrafts.

Hi there, we are Galancrafts, we just started this project to promote Japanese arts, crafts and goods. Our website is under development and hope we will be able to show it to you soon…!


Walking chair(*18)

Design;Karl Emilio Pircher and Fidel Peugeot
Name;Walking chair – happy landingより
MAK design space

If you love to sit in the corner, you should love this!


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Recycled sea urchin chair(*17)

Design;Tom Price
Name; Melted polyester fleece chair

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Copy & Paste chair(*16)

What happens if a chair is made from “Copy and Paste”??

..that’s the answer.

KMO_stol 001

Design:Sigurdur Gustafsson(profile

Name:Copy & Paste chair


Strange feeling, or acrossing the border

The owner of Café Fika (in Shizuoka city) mentioned that the strong flavor of good espresso can be “strange feeling” (or unconfortable feeling). I liked it not only because I shared the same feeling (signifié) with different expression (signifiant) like “irritating smell,sticking in the bottom of the tongue”, but also he showed a sophisticated way of drifting the signifié of usual word. A poetic language should be like this, I think.


(it looks like) rapid chair No.2(*13)

Design:Pouyan Mokhtarani (Designer’s website
Name:Ruby rocking chair

Wow it should be rapid… :))
Mr.Mokhtarani is furniture designer from Tehran (Iran) , born in 1980 (same as I!) The silver part may be of resin? Red cushion is of liquid pillow (? is it like low-resistance form?)

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Too Much Recycled Chair(*4)

Design:Barr & Knoll
Year: 1993 or 96. Perhaps 96
Material:Recycled from plastic package

Today’s chair is this… almost trash.. well it was trash in reality… recycled chair.

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Pretzel Chair(*3)


Design:George Nelson (1908-1986)

Name:Pretzel Chair



Today’s chair is ‘Pretzel chair’ by maestro George Nelson. Japanese famous proverb say; the name demonstrates the figure (Names and natures do often agree.)  Anyway, Pretzel is a sort of bread originally from Germany, like this.

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3 of one-man band in TDL

Percussion group acting in Tokyo Disney Land.

There is another group called “IMINP” in my city, Tenri.

Also awesome!