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Interesting Ad Method in “TOP CHEF”

These days I’m great fan of “Top Chef”, a cooking battle on TV.

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How can we overcome Mobocracy?

Yeah I know it’s kind of serious one. It’s fine, it’s still 4 o’clock in the morning!

Some days ago we Japanese folks had an election of the House of Representatives. It was told that the electors are quite interested in (or concerned about) this, but finally, the voting late was the lowest ever. The Liberal Democratic party (claiming inflation-targeting strategy and “strengthen the nation with public investment”) got triumph….

Well I know I’m not a person who can talk about politics for 5 minutes. What I would like to point out today is that I may “found” a reason that I have been sort of worried, since I got voting right 10+ years ago.

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More “adventurer” than “traveler” – Noelfy

Yesterday I got an message via Twitter from a girl, of course I thought it was kind of SPAM (as usual) and saw her profile, and finally I found she is VERY interesting person. Thanks for Twitter…!

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Image of death: similarity between Mexican and Japanese mind

“Just saw Obon ceremony, and I felt it’s similar to Mexican’s “día de los muertos” , I mean, they both don’t show tragic emotion. It’s completely different from the feeling of death in Europe. ”

I got inspiration from what a German guy said as above, at a cafe in Nara (you’ll have great espresso there.) That was exactly the same opinion as I had when I lived in Mexico 12 years ago, and during the funeral of my great-grandma.

I appreciate him to remind me and share the idea, and I would like to write about “death”, the difference of feeling among Japan, Mexico and Europe, before forgetting it again.

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What is the difference of knives?

Before I tried to explain the physical difference between Western and Japanese kitchen knives with below illustration.


…but I got further question from a friend:

a.Is the difference optically visible?

b.Is the actual sharpness different?

The guy said that he cannot be convinced that Japanese kitchen knives are great without clarifying those. If it cuts, it’s fine!

Yeah I agree with it. So here I try to show the difference from my viewpoint.

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horn is growing

Deer’s horn grows during spring time. Now it is still soft, but they don’t like you to touch it, be careful!


Silver butterfly

Look, this is one of the products we will be promoting on galancrafts.com(under construction yet). It is made by sterling silber, amazingly fine and real that it looks it is about to fly!

Looks big but it’s small (ca 10cm or so) you can use it on your neckless for example!


Deer T-shirt from Nara (2)

Deer T-shirt Nara

…..the backside looks so. Cute, or not??


Deer T-shirt from Nara (1)


A friend of mine made the design – deer hiding into the hedge. Backside of the T-shirt is even more cute!


Hair-line noodle, “Somen”