I keep singing birthday song without discrimination

I had 33 years anniversary a week ago, yes, I had no party nor meeting but working at the office till midnight, but I had very nice day since many people celebrated me via Facebook – especially, this.

I cannot stop myself if someone gives me such a beautiful thing… in conclusion, I will proceed the “singing birthday song without discrimination” one step further to “singing birthday song without less discrimination”. What a hell. (detail is here

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Why do we call “American coffee”? No.3

Why do we call “American coffee”?

No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 Editting note

The third act

The characters:
The guy – American soldier, 25 years old. He left his troop and came here to drink a cup of coffee.
Edith Piaf – 28 years old. Came to the coffee shop by the theater to take a rest.
Waiter – French guy
German soldier
MP(Military Police)
Assistant of Piaf

silver hammer finish kiseru smoking pipe

Kiseru (japanese smoking pipe) made by skilled craftsman. Pure silver, Mokumegane in chamber.

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Why do we call “American coffee”? No.2

Moulin Rouge is under preparation for the very first opening after the liberation of Paris in the evening.

A cruel program “Panda Show Radio”

That’s great that I can listen to Mexican radiothanks to our internet technology, even I’m in the countryside of Japan!!

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Materials of the blade of Japanese knives

There are several requirements for kitchen knives’ material: good sharpness, toughness, wear(abrasive) resistance, and rust resistance.

Today’s Japanese skilled craftsmen realize a fusion of ancient steel-making knowledge and the latest technology.  Below is the list of the materials used for knives of our shop and the explanation.

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Where are the Japanese knives produced today?


Above 5 are major kitchen knife making places in Japan: Sakai, Sanjo, Tosa, Takefu and Seki.

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Lockheed Lounge and the Blue Hearts(*20)


Designer: Marc Newson

Name; Lockheed Lounge

Material; Aluminium, FRP

Silver body is breaking the wind

Mysterious inicial is someone’s name (from The Blue Hearts “1985”)

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Why do we call “American coffee”? No.1

`I need to drink coffee…`

He muttered to himself, dragging tired feet.

He is in Paris, with full of heated atmosphere and cheer just after the liberation in the end of August. There is no clouds in the sky – beautiful afternoon.

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Rocking chair “Hodaka” by Hida Sangyo(*19)

Here is Today’s chair – Rocking chair from “Hodaka” series, made by Hida Sangyo, Japanese famous maker.

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