More “adventurer” than “traveler” – Noelfy

Yesterday I got an message via Twitter from a girl, of course I thought it was kind of SPAM (as usual) and saw her profile, and finally I found she is VERY interesting person. Thanks for Twitter…!

The Spanish girl, Noelfy, is travelling through Eurasia continent from Europe to Philippines. Cool, sure, it should be more than a trip – it’s adventure. (oh she already arrived at Philippines)

She also visited Nara, my hometown, 2 years ago. We had a chat via Couchsurfing at that time, but chould not see her. Hey I wish I could…


I happened to write about her, even I do not know her very well, it’s because Noelfy is a person who is definitely in the category of “Great Gatsby”, whom I respect (and am jealous a bit).  She knows who she is, what she wants or has to do in her life, and takes action. I, as a wanderer in my life, respect her force and focus. (and maybe I’m expecting to have a part of such a power menitoning this :))

Noelfy, I hope to see you someday, somewhere in the world. And I swear I will prepare my straight heart for the meeting, so that you can say easily “wow you are cool!” :)

Noelfy`s website is here

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