Interesting Ad Method in “TOP CHEF”

These days I’m great fan of “Top Chef”, a cooking battle on TV.

Ambitious chefs fight to get glorious title of “Top Chef”! 1 is to be eliminated on each session! Staying together in a flat, without TV, radio, mobile phone, completely isolated! Of course a sort of “human drama” happens there, which is as interesting as the cooking battle  itself.

Juries are also awesome: “Do you think we can be amazed at such a plate?” “If you take safe way not to be eliminated, go away!” The chief of juries, Tom Colicchio. You cannot miss his crispy aphorism in every second! :))

Well by the way, my main subject is the way of incerting commercial advertisement IN the program. An ad is normally put between the program SEPARATELY, but in “Top Chef” it’s merged WITHIN the program, not clearly but definitely notably.

For example, a mountain of GODIVA chocolate is shown, during the narration says “Today’s challenge is “chocolate”. Utilizing this famous brands… “. Or the challengers ALWAYS go shopping by TOYOTA RAV4 before the challenge starts. The emblem is zoomed up in the last comma 3 seconds.

One thing I don’t understand that the narration never say “the chocolate from GODIVA..” or “taking Toyota’s SUV…”. Is that because of kind of restriction about advertisement, or is such kind of “petit-stealth marketing” or “petit-subliminal effect”?


This article mentions that this kind of method created as a countermeasure for hi-tech innovation of digital recording device such as TiVo, which automatically skips current TV commercial ad. This method may be usual in Japan, soon.. ?

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